I read blogs all the time, from beauty, design, lifestyle to tech. I have nothing against any type of blog, except for ones with shitty content and poorly written posts with bad grammar and spelling. That said, I have reserved this space for text-heavy content on: My Projects, Life Lessons, Design/Branding commentary, Marketing/Communications ideas, Business Advice, and straight up REAL TALK.

This is NOT an online lifestyle magazine.
It’s NOT a fashion blog.
You will NOT see my #OOTD.
And I DON’T care for the latest H&M/designer collaboration.
I am NOT selling ad space in my sidebar.
Nor will you find sponsored product reviews or Pinterest-worthy flatlays.

Yes, I create content for other blogs (my clients, partners and my own projects), but on karenviray.com I wanted to share my personal journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, and single-income independent, navigating her way through life and business. I've always had a strong affinity for writing (and might have a secret book publishing deal I am working on… but if you know me, I NEVER share my game plan), and wanted to use this platform as a journal of my journey.

There will be no sugar-coating. No pretty posts that I will be promoting on Instagram, or Pinterest or Tumblr (I don’t have a Tumblr, nor do I know how to use it). I won’t be using my ‘blog’ and so-called follower count to get free stuff from brands (unless of course you want to send me free stuff, I won’t deny your generosity). And there will be no rants about things that have no real value, in the grand scheme of work, life and business. I have other platforms and avenues for that type of content. But in this space, you won’t find those things.

P.S. If you’re only interested in what I’m eating for brunch, or if I’m having a Starbucks today – you can always stalk me on instagram or snapchat at: karenmarievee