Everyone thinks they’re an expert on your life.

ONLY You know YOU. Many times I’ve second-guessed and doubted decisions. And a lot of time people feel the need to chime in on what they think is best. Because they love you, they think they know what’s best for you, or just plain have an opinion on everything. And yes, sometimes people need the validation, and sometimes, we just need a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. But as I go through life and rack up more experience, and after many lessons learned, I trust myself more than ever.

I have ever taken,
was other people’s advice*.
No one knows you, better than you.

* I’m talking about non-professional, un-asked-for, un-paid-for advice from your friends, family + strangers.

I’ve made the mistake of listening to, and acting on other people’s suggestions. And yes, it was my own fault for taking advice and making influenced decisions without thinking things through on my own – that I can admit. I’ve lost money on wasted inventory on things I was never in love with. I’ve been influenced by close friends and their ‘relationship advice’. Everyone is an expert on your life, business and money these days. But, in true reality, having analyzed and looked back at certain situations, it was the people giving me unsolicited advice, who’s own lives (or certain aspects of) were not so perfect. I’ve since then learned valuable lessons in self-assurance, and now trust in my talent, make firm decisions in business, and take life/personal advice with a very small grain of salt.  Since trusting my initial gut-decisions, I’ve noticed an influx of clients, a spike in sales and a happier personal life. At the end of the day, hear what others have to say – but always go with your gut in making final decisions.

(Unless of course, you’ve hired someone to give you advice, then consider that with a more value, obviously. For example, hiring me to give you design and branding advice – I’ll always steer you in your best possible situation, but in the end YOU have to fall in love with the final product.)