“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

- Erich Fromm

Creative brains are inventive, energetic and inspiring.
They are also exhausting, sporadic, scattered and often misunderstood.

Like the Erich Fromm quote above, "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties," and its' the certainties, like regular direct deposit, ergonomic task chairs, administrative dribble and paid dental that are the common killers of that creative spark. For me, my brain and spirit thrives on the sporadic and the uncertain. Abstract conversations and inner city youthful energy. Explicit lyrics and unreasonable footwear. And lately I find myself wearing flats, listening to Top 40 and spending my days answering hundreds of emails. I've currently lost my edge.  

This isn't the first time this has happened, and much like writer's block, losing my creative spark (I would have thought of a more interesting way to say 'creative spark', but as you can tell I'm in a creative rut and can't even think of a cool kid way to say it) is a big, energy draining hit to my aura, my being and definition of who I am. It's like being punched in the shoulder, knocked to the ground, and not even having the energy or motivation to get up - you just wanna lie there, and nap. I'm bored, I need inspiration, I need an intervention. How does one find 'it' again? People hire me for my creative brain, and when I'm feeling deflated, it makes me question my valuation. Am I falling into the status quo of work life hum drum? What if I am not bringing enough creative juice to the table? Like any artist, writer or creator - our creative brains are our most valuable asset. I miss the sporadic nature of abstract thinking, and throwing around ideas that others may not understand.

I want to feel drunk and high on 'cool concepts' and pass out hard from climaxing on the successful execution of a cool effing thing.

Where TF are you creativity? 

I'm not great at admitting faults or even being open to taking advice. I'm too proud and stubborn AF sometimes (most times), but I'm here asking for new ways to re-spark my creative brain. What are your sure-fire ways to kick a creative block?

👀 Looking, looking... KMV